Stud and Yoke Type Track Roller Bearings

KHS Stud and Yoke type track roller bearings consist of a thick-walled heavy-duty outer ring that is designed in arc shape to avoid edge stress. They can be used as pressure rollers, eccentric rollers or rocker arm rollers as well as for simple linear guidance. They are designed for outer ring rotation ,and the outer ring run directly on mating track surfaces. Stud type track rollers have a stud incorporating needle rollers in a thick walled outer ring. (series includes CF , CF..UU, CF..V, CF..VUU,CR,CRH..VB,CRH..VBUU, NUKR, NAST, RNAST, NAST..ZZ, NAST..ZZUU, NA/RNA 22..2RS, NATR, NATV, NATR/NATV..PP, CRY..V, CRY..VUU,NUTR,NUTR..X ..etc.)

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