KHS INNOVATION & ENGINEERING LLP - A destination for bearing solutions
BEARINGS play a vital role as a life supporting tool for the smooth operation of any machinery. The basic application of bearings is to ease the friction between moving parts. Bearings find application in rotating parts of virtually all machines and automobiles. The automobile industry is the major user segment for bearings, followed by general engineering, heavy industries and railways. Bearings are produced in various sizes and shapes. The smallest bearing may weigh just a few grams and the larger ones, a few tones. The main components of an anti-friction bearing are the inner ring, the outer ring, the rolling elements, the cage and the seals. The most important aspect of bearings is the product design. ‘KHS INNOVATION & ENGINEERING LLP’ is a destination for bearing solutions to leading industrial houses. The company aims at providing high quality, cost-effective engineered solutions for custom applications. The company has over 20 years of experience and expertise to help manufacturers obtain an optimal product design. The company has carried out innovative research and development to upgrade the bearing products. Eventually, resulting in customer satisfaction that too at minimum cost. The company also sees to it that bearing products are sold in the market in minimal time period.

KHS INNOVATION & ENGINEERING LLP believes in quality products and services are the benchmark. Each and every customer is treated as an opportunity and every achievement as a platform to set new goals. This strategy has enabled KHS INNOVATION & ENGINEERING LLP to have delighted customers all over the world. We are a progressive and innovative company. Our Three fold business motto is Total dedication, Total commitment and Total Quality. Combining it with our passion for applying our learning from business to further enhance our performance we are confident of setting even higher benchmarks for the world Bearing Industry in the years to come.

• We endeavour to reach the leadership position in each sector and Service.
• We are committed to satisfy our customers by providing Quality Product, Service, which gives highest value for money.
• We commit ourselves to continuous growth, to fulfil the aspirations of our Customers

Our Vision
To be a most admired organization in Bearing Industry that enhances the quality of life of all, through sustainable industrial and business development.

Our Core Values

K - Knowledge
H - High Quality
S - Services
L - Long Life
G - Growth